Valve Lapping & Testing

Valve Lapping:- A valve Lapping is an operation which is to resurface the mating surfaces of the valves and their respective valve seats that control the intake and exhaust of the fluid. Lapping is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive between them, by hand movement or using a machine. Good compressor perforamance is depend upon on valve condition. Worn guides or stems and damaged or badly seated valves allow gas to escape under compression, resulting in poor flow of compressor.We have a lapping machines which is capable of lapping all flat components i.e valve seats, discs, mechanical seals and any flat objects to within 1 light band of flatness.

Lapping Services:

We regularly assist customers by developing new products and processes, utilizing the very latest in precision flat lapping technology. Customers samples are evaluated, free-of-charge. Comprehensive reports are issued covering all aspects of the process, including details of abrasive, lapping plate, work holding, inspection, cleaning and the likely consumable costs involved.With lapping services, the quality of process we comply and the arduous nature of our testing procedures means that no valve leaves our facility until it is fit and ready for work.


Valve testing is carried out in accordance with International Test Standards and all test results are recorded in our comprehensive data-base.Each lapping table is checked routinely using test gauges and a monochromatic light to keep the lapping surface to within 1 light band of flatness thus ensuring accurate lapping of all components.