Industrial Automation

Automation is basically the delegation of human control function to technical equipment. It is the use of control systems such as computers, PLCs, Microcontrollers to control machinery and processes to reduce the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well.

Industrial Automation i.e. to "Automate Industry" is the basic need of almost every type of manufacturing and production unit today. Oil & Gas, Food/ Beverage, Metal, Mining, Power, Textile, Petrochemical, Machine Manufacturing, Automobile etc. are the few examples where we see the automation today.

PLC & SCADA based Industrial automation.

  • We supply/provide advanced technology based Programmable Logic Controller System (PLC) and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) based industrial automation systems. These systems are in compliance with various industrial standards and are used in machines manufactured at our end. We also design these systems as per the specifications detailed by our clients. 
  • The systems are based on different programming software including Visi- Windows, Genesis and Intellution. These systems help in making the process automatic without any human intervention that in turn also eliminates the possible human errors. The automation of systems makes the whole process accurate with less material wastage and consistent product quality. 
  • The process data is recorded continuously batch wise, line wise and equipment wise and can be shared by using SQL ERP System. This data helps in conducting yield analysis, production rate productivity and material & manpower usage. It also sends text messages to the concerned staff in critical situations. It is managed using Distributed Computing architecture (DCS). 
  • Our Engineering Solutions & Services Team offers a range of Customized Engineering Services and Solutions for specific applications as well as maintenance services of existing installations.

Automation Solutions

In keeping with the increasing demand from our customers for integrated automation systems, our Engineering team works closely with clients to conceptualize their control system strategy, identify the required control components, automation and instrumentation products and deliver customized solutions.

The solution process comprises the following steps:

  • Preparation of Functional Design Specifications and Onsite/Offsite Testing procedures
  • PLC / SCADA / HMI System Design
  • Selection of Instrumentation
  • Programming / Configuration
  • HMI Database Customization, Graphics Development
  • Preparation of Detailed Drawings and Documentation
  • Panel Engineering, Assembly and Wiring
  • Conducting of Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Commissioning and Site Acceptance tests

Our team of in-house experts and system integration partners deliver customized solutions for the following industry segments:

  • Energy & Power
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining & Metals
  • Oil & Gas

We offer maintenance services of existing installations as well as repairs of faulty or damaged products.We are equipped with sophisticated production unit,in housing testing machines and proficient engineers to design and develop high quality PLC / SCADA Programmable Logic Controller that is efficient and durable.