LT & HT Power Cables

LT Control Cables

  • Armoured & Unarmoured

Instrumentation/Signal Cables

  • Armoured & Unarmoured
  • Indivisually & Collectively

Thermocouple Compensating/Extension Cables

  • PVC insulated Armoured & Unarmoured upto 90 Deg. Cel.
  • High Temperature Teflon Insulated upto 250 Deg. Cel.
  • Fibre Glass Insulated upto 600 Deg. Cel.


Submersible Windings & 3 Core Flat Cables

Fluoropolymer Insulated Equipment Wires

  • Extruded FEP Wires
  • Wrapped PTFE Wires
  • Extruded ETFE/PFA Wires

High Temperature Multi-Core Cables

High Volage Cables For Motors & Transformers

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