CNG Dispenser

Full automatic microprocessor based sequencing of 3 cylinder banks connected to dispenser through independent high pressure Stainless Steel (SS) tubes. Dispenser to have pressure control device to restrict fill pressure to 200 barg at maximum allowable filling pressure for natural gas vehicle cylinder. Pressure control device to ensure complete shut off of gas flow at the pre-set pressure with dead band shift and shut off error within 2% of range. The pre-set fill pressure can vary from 150 barg to 250 barg. The pressure control device have provision to manually set pressure between above range.

General construction & Assembly: All component used in compressed natural gas dispensing equipment is listed by a nationally recognized certification agency as complying with an applicable standard, or evaluated by the certification agency for the intended application as part of the dispensing equipment.


Gas handled Natural Gas
Operating temperature -20 deg. cel.To 65deg. cel.
Maximum relative humidity 100 %
Type 3 line electronic Dual hose
Inlet pressure Up to 250 barg
Outlet pressure 200 barg. Provision for PT adjustment of discharge pressure at 200 to 220 barg.
Overfill protection Over fill protection through electronically programmed, in order to terminate fill above 200 bar G. 2 Nos. transducers per hose and pressure relief valve shall be provided
Inlet connection 3 nos.½” O.D or higher size tube fittings. Full bore isolation SS ball valves is provided on the inlet of all 3 bank supply lines. Make of the valve shall be Parker / Swagelok or equivalent
Inlet filters Coalescent filter of 3 microns to be provided at the inlet of each bank supply line with manual drain valve
Outlet connection 2 nos. each with 4 metre long 3/8” ID CNG flexible electrically conductive twin (fill + vent) hose with 3 way valve. Size of vent hose is of ¼” ID. Both arms shall be of NZS type refuelling probe. Probe shall be as per NZS 5425 (latest edition) and compatible with NZS type refuelling valves (NZS 5422).The hoses shall be suitable for 5000 psig working pressure for CNG application.The delivery hose and vent hose shall be provided with a breakaway coupling
Breakaway coupling Probe hose have proper hose guard and hoseguard is electrically nonconductive.3 way valve 10000 PSIG is ofapproved make.
Emergency manual shut off valve 1 no. on each line
Flow rate per hose Dispensers is designed for handling flow rate not less than 15 Kg/min for each arm
Metering principle Coriolis
Mass flow meter make Micromotion [CNG 50, model no for sensor CNG 050 and model no for transmitter 1700 or higher (latest version)] or Endress + Hauser (Model no CNG PROMASS, DN 15 with head mounted display/KG80). HART output is available for communication with HART. Mass flow meter sensor and transmitter is Type approval from legal metrology department.
Pressure gauges 1 no liquid filled 4” dia. (0-400 Bar) pressure gauges with SS casing to indicate vehicle filling pressure.Pressure gauge shall be provided with shatter proof glass
Sequencing Sequencing shall be automatic and controlled by the microprocessor / PLC. Three sequencing valves per hose outlet (total of 6 valves per dual hose dispenser) and in addition to this there is one main actuator valve per hose (after mass flow meter). Sequencing valves shall be operated by pneumatic air
Dispenser Electronics The dispenser electronics is PLC / microprocessor/ Modbus protocol based and suitable for extreme climatic conditions. The processor/ PLC is of latest version / latest configuration available in the field. The baud rate/ SCAN time of the processor is minimum as per the latest available. All the electronics cards is located in flameproof junction boxes inside the dispenser cabinet and the cable entry to the junction boxes is from bottom
Display Three rows Trans-reflective Liquid Crystal Display, Capable of withstanding temperature ranging from - 20°C to +65°C. There is 2 displays/hose, one on each sides of the dispenser (total 4 sets of 3 rows displays for each Dual hose dispenser. Internal back-up power supply for displays so that displays remains for at least 5 minutes after power failure.
Totaliser Dispenser have electronic digital non-volatile, non-resettabletotaliser for accurate accounting and 8 digits before decimal point for total CNG sold in kgs. which have an independent battery backup
Accuracy The batch accuracy of dispensed gas is within + 0.6%
Area classification Hazardous area Class I Div I Group D as per NES or Zone I Group IIA / IIB as per IS/ IEC
Breakaway coupling Delivery hose is provided with breakaway coupling OPW (model FLB1000)/WEH/Staublietc. Vent hose is also provided with breakaway coupling OPW (Model VLB)/WEH/Staublietc
Certification Certificationfrom Weights and Measures department of India for the dispenser /mass flow meter. IP 55 approval for dispenser cabinet