Hydraulic Compressor

CNG booster compressors& associated accessories including electrical panel, radiator, air compressor etc.

These CNG booster compressors are equipped with programmable logic controller (PLC) and shall be SCADA compatible.

  • Suction Pressure: 200 to 30 bar (G)
  • Discharge Pressure: 250 bar (G)
  • Average flow capacity: 500 SCMH
  • Suction Temperature: Nominal 35ºC, Max. 45ºC
  • Discharge Temperature: Max 8ºC above ambient
  • Ambient Temperature: 48ºC Maximum       
  • Medium: Natural Gas, Dry, SG – 0.58 to 0.65
  • Type: Hydraulic operated cylinders
  • Configuration: Multi stage double acting
  • Lubrication: Non lubricated
  • Valves: Suction & Delivery Valves
  • Gas meter: Mass flow meter based on Coriolis principle
  • Driver: Electric Motor
  • Drive: Hydraulic
  • Motor :(i)Main Motor (ii)Water Pump (iii)Radiator (iv)Air Compressor (v) Exhaust fan
  • Cooling: Water cooling to Gas Heat Exchanger Tube in Tube type
  • Control Panel: Starter and Control Panel with Star/ Delta starter   
  • Controls: PLC Control, Auto Start / Stop ON PR. Setting Manual Draining
  • Instrumentation: PR. / TEMP. TRIPS, Gas leakage and fire trips
  • Vessels: Discharge Pulsation Dampner
  • Packaging: Complete Compressor Unit Fabricated on a Single Skid to make a Single operating unit considering ease of maintenance
  • Priority panel: 2-bank Configuration priority provided
  • Gas Detector & Flame Detector provided of approved makes
  • Door interlocked isolator
  • Panel complete with start and stop push buttons, hours run meter, power on and fault indication lamps, and fault reset button and HMI (Siemens / Schneider make).
  • All necessary timers and intrinsically safe relays to control the system on an automatic starting and stopping basis
  • All the interlock, monitoring and controlling of the CNG compressor package is done through PLC based control system of proven type and the Make of the PLC is Siemens(S7 300),  Schneider M340 PLC and Allen Bradley (Micrologix 1200) of latest version  or equivalent 
  • PLC is housed inside flameproof IIA/IIB (Ex’d’) enclosure. Local operator panel is provided on the flameproof enclosure. The operator panel is provided for parameterization, indication, monitoring, and alarms and first out sequence of the system. PLC system have memory modules for storing user programs, symbol lists, Program comments and should facilitate debugging / trouble shooting without the application program. Program is ladder logic and communication is in English for each run.
  • The Protocol and the other details for Interfacing is specified clearly. The Communication protocol is an open protocol i.e. MODBUS RTU Protocol for communicating with slave devices.
  • Power supply to PLC supply is 24 VDC.
  • The PLC has an Industrial Ethernet Module with min TWO Ethernet port and Modbus RS-485 (2-wire) port, Configured and programmed, to establish remote communication of PLC with the SCADA server.
  • The parameters such as gas Inlet Pressure, discharge pressure, discharge temperature, Hydraulic Oil Pressure, Hydraulic oil Temperature, Hydraulic oil level, Water Pressure, Water Temperature, Running hours & Electrical Parameters like the Power Factor, Voltage, Current data is displayed in the HMI.
  • PLC hardware is in accordance with IEC-61131-2 and PLC software is in accordance with IEC-61131-3. PLC programming is done as per IEC 61131-3 i.e. Statement Lists, Function Blocks and Ladder diagram. Offered PLC have facility for Online Programming through Laptop and SCADA. PLC is compatible for recording of compressor parameters such as Amperes, voltage, gas flow rate, total quantity of gas compressed, inlet – outlet pressure, inlet –outlet temperature, Kilo Watt Hour (KWH), Kilo Watt (KW) and all other parameters for recording on hourly basis for the last 24 hours.
  • PLC will record 24 X7 day total number of start and stop of compressor. Also PLC is able to record the last 30 Alarms of abnormal operations (which can be viewed on PLC). PLC is suitable for interfacing with printer (HP Laser printer) for getting the printout of the parameters recorded (as mentioned above) for the last 24 hours. The units of measurement for flow shall be Kg/hr., for pressure isbarg and for temperature is degree C. If scrolling is required for viewing the parameters, then the scroll buttons is installed outside flameproof housing so that various screens can be monitored without opening the flameproof enclosure. Also, the HMI is designed in such a way that all the operational parameters shall be viewed in 3-4 pages only. All the parameters and alarms is downloadable with laptop in simple MS Excel format.  
  • Compressor is supplied with SCADA compatibility with MODBUS RS 485 (2 wire) and Ethernet module (TCP/IP).
  • The PLC program is developed for remotely shut-down of Compressor Power Supply through SCADA and separate Alarm shall generate on HMI distinctly indicating the shutdown through SCADA.
  • Keypad / Touch or both type display will be provided.
  • MMI/HMI is suitable for visualization of all the graphics screens, parameters, Alarms, trips, data acquisition, monitoring and logging, annunciation etc. All electrical and electronics equipments of the compressor is housed in single flameproof enclosure.
  • PLC, HMI & Electronic controls is housed in flameproof control panel &mounted on compressor skid itself. Main cable entry is from bottom to up. Also control panel have 2 nos. spare 2.5 Sqmm slots with DC copper gland arrangement.
  • The compressor package with control panel(including PLC and other controls) and other electric / electronic instruments etc.is made to meet hazardous area classification of Class I ,Division I, Group D as per NEC or Zone I , Group II A/II B  as per IS/ IEC.
  • All controls shall operate in fail safe mode i.e. failure of any control shall not lead to running of equipment in unsafe condition.

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