Engine Driven Compressor

Engine Driven CNG Compressor

  • 157 - 324 hp / 117 - 242 kW@ 1800 rpmhigh-performance natural gas engine – Rugged,Inline 6-Cylinder, 4-Cycle, Natural Gas, spark ignited engine delivers reliable power, low emissions, and fast response to load changes
  • Gas engine will be of Caterpillar or Cummins Make.
  • The gas engine is equipped with the following
Water cooled exhaust Manifold.
Naturally aspirated / Turbo charged Intercooled design.
Water cooled Turbo charger exhaust housing.
Engine driven Radiator fan and radiator assembly.
Auxiliary water cooling system.
Approved ignition system.
Electronic air fuel ratio controller/ Electronic gas carburetor
Electronic / Mechanical governing system.
Inline / V type configuration.
Six / Eight cylinder configuration.
Air starting system.
  • High flow rate compressors for motherCNG stations & daughter CNG stations and other Oil & Gas applications.
  • Lube & Non-lube with Continuous duty application. 
  • Blow down vessel which acts as buffer tank during start up. & used as a surge tank for depressurization of each compressor stage piston cylinder during shutdown.
  • Rotational speed of compressor & engine shall be limited to maximum of 1650 RPM
  • 3 no’s of gas flow meters to measure the natural gas consumption at Package inlet , package discharge, fuel consumption at gas engine inlet.
  • NRV at final discharge.
  • Compressor will trip on detection of gas / flame at present level and automatic discharge of co2 gas will take place from main cylinder.
  • 2/3/4/5 stage CNG Compressors having capacity of 550/600/750/950/1200/2400 SCMH
  • Available for different Suction Pressure: 7– 70 kg/cm2.
  • Maximum Discharge pressure: 255 kg/cm2.
  • Engine (Reputed Make) capacity: 90 to 400 KW
  • Drive Arrangements will be direct coupled/V-belt (Anti static fire retardant type drive belt)
  • Area Classification: Class I Div I Group D or Zone I Div I group IIA/IIB.
  • Air/Water Cooled heat exchanger for inter stage discharge gas & Engine Jacket.
  • 4/6/9 bank priority panel with MFM at suction & discharge with common structure steel skid for the compressor – motor combination & for all auxiliary system.
  • Provided with impulse & pneumatic piping / tubing for all valves, fittings required for mounting the instruments.
  • Separate JB’s for different type of signals like intrinsically safe signals, alarm, shutdowns, thermocouples, RTD’s etc. for interfacing to local panel.
  • Acoustic enclosure for compressor package, with one or more than one number of L.E.L detector and UV detector.
  • Inlet and outlet manual & automatic valves for maintenance and emergency
  • Duplex suction filters at the inlet of the package with DP gauge after Y type strainer
  • Two stage filtration at discharge, so as to limit oil carryover..
  • Motors above 10 HP with star delta/soft starter (3 phase controlled type starter)
  • All controls shall operate in fail safe mode. All exposed rotating parts will be provided with adequate guards.
  • Relief valves will be providedat suction and discharge and each inter stage of compressor.
  • All the interlock, monitoring and controlling of the CNG compressor package is done through PLC based control system of proven type and theMake of the PLC isSiemens(S7 300),  SchneiderM340 PLC and Allen Bradley (Micrologix 1200) of latest version  or equivalent.
  • Panel complete with start and stop push buttons, hours run meter, power on and fault indication lamps, and fault reset button and HMI (Siemens / Schneider make).
  • The PLC has an Industrial Ethernet Module with min TWO Ethernet port and Modbus RS-485 (2-wire) port, Configured and programmed, to establish remote communication of PLC with the SCADA server.
  • The parameters such as gas Inlet Pressure, discharge pressure, discharge temperature, Hydraulic Oil Pressure, Hydraulic oil Temperature, Hydraulic oil level, Water Pressure, Water Temperature, Running hours & Electrical Parameters like the Power Factor, Voltage, Current data is displayed on the HMI.

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