Auto Drain Valves

  • The entrainment of condensate along with air flow in compressed air system to end use applications is extremely harmful, if system not drained regularly.
  • The ideal solution for regular effective draining oil & moisture form compressed Air System is Electronic Auto Drain Valve. (E A D V).
Silent Features:
  • Easy replacement of timer card only and not full assembly.
  • Longest drain time frequencies for saving compressed air energy.
  • Individual application capacities like receivers, filters and separators etc.
  • Longer service life by way of having supplied with inlet 'Y' type strainers.
  • Auto drain valves are installed at Air receiver, After Cooler, Moisture separator, Filters, Dryers & Drop Legs etc.
  • Prevents moistures / oil carry over to pneumatic equipments.
  • Discharges Condensate with high velocity without clogging.
  • Lesser maintenance cost of pneumatically operated equipments.
  • Increased operation efficiency of pneumatically operated equipments.
Technical Specifications
  • Cycle time: 10 to 90 Minutes (Adjustable).
  • Drain time: 1 to 10 Secs (Factory set 5 Secs).
  • Working Pressure: Max 12 Kg. / cm2g.
  • Working temp: 70 Deg C max.
  • Elect. Supply: 230 V-1ph - 50 Hz.
  • Housing: Weather Proof / Shock Proof (Powder Coated).
  • Timer Display - Digital

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