Receiver Tanks

  • Compressed Air Receivers plays very important role in compressed air system with multi purposes by value of its design and rightly selected. Compressed Air Receivers or Air pressure Vessel also enhance the service life of compressor.
  • The receiver tank acts as a reservoir of compressed air for peak demands.
  • The receiver tank will help remove water from the system by allowing the air a chance to cool.
  • The receiver tank minimizes pulsation in the system caused by a reciprocating compressor or a cyclic process downstream.


  • Stores the pressurized compressed air.
  • Helps to maintain constant pressure at downstream. 
  • Cools the compressed air.
  • Helps to separate oil & moisture from compressed air. 
  • To allow compressor have optimum level of rest.
  • Vertical Air Receiver tank
  • Horizontal Air Receiver tank
  • Up to 175 psig operating pressure.
  • After compressor and after cooler.
  • Safety valve.
  • Service valve.
  • Pressure Gauge.
  • Auto drain valve (Timer based).

Each Vessel is fitted with a pressure relief value, a pressure gauge, a drain valve, air inlet and air outlet connections for pressure switch and other safety fittings can be supplied on request.

  • As per national & international standards of pressure vessel code.

High Pressure / flow range can be offered on request.
Each vessel is hydrostatically tested as per the relevant code.
Non destructive testing like radiography, Ultrasonic test etc. can be provided if required.

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